It was sometime in the last couple of years when a small group of weary beer-drinkers decided Ann Arbor needed a new voice, not like local celeb Michelle Chamuel who almost won The Voice, but a voice for the people, who would watch the holders of power vigilantly and keep them accountable. We decided over beers that day, or night – actually a series of nights – to work with all due speed and vigor to create a hub of truth. Eventually, one of them actually worked on it while the others just drank beer and talked a lot about working on it. I suppose to be fair, they did a few things before flaking out. The Ann Arbor Sentinel is the result: a site to serve and protect our community, tho protect in a very abstract “knowledge as power” way, not in a “protect from physical harm” kind of way.

Wherever Zingerman’s pricey sandwiches fail expectations, we’ll be there. Whenever game day causes overreactions about the traffic, we’ll be there. Whenever another hopeful restaurant fails in the Vellum spot, we’ll be there. Wherever people sort of understand the dioxane plume, but not really and basically get that it represents a sense of creeping doom about the future but no one seems to know what to do about it, we’ll be there. semper vigilo.

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