Main Street Retailer “Life is Good” Expands, Launches New Brand “Meh.”

Owners of the Main Street lifestyle retailer “Life is Good” have expanded into an adjacent space with “Meh.”, a new concept developed here at the Ann Arbor location.

Life is Good targets consumers who have a rosy, content view of life and who want to share their state of happiness with others, but co-owner Whitney Spencer says not everyone feels this way.

We hear from many customers who … say ‘Life isn’t very good right now. I can’t wear this.’

“We hear from many customers who have mountains of student loan debt, have trouble finding a decent job, or listen to the news and say ‘Life isn’t very good right now. I can’t wear this.'”, said Spencer, “We wanted to be able to offer those customers another message that resonates with their life experiences and their jaded, weary, sad-sack view of the world. That’s how we came up with Meh.”

Co-owner Deborah Workman agrees. “You should see some of the miserable Eeyores that come in here,” she said, sporting a wide, toothy grin, “I wanted to call this place ‘Life is Great’, because I think life is great, but I can’t sell anything to these gloomy millennials. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the thing that finally made them happy was the ability to express their pitiful world view through their hats?”

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